Welcome to the Golden State Bull Terrier Club! Based in Southern California, the Golden State Bull Terrier Club is one of four principal AKC affiliated Bull Terrier clubs in California. Our members are active in conformation showing as well as obedience, agility and therapy work.

Golden State supports Specialty Bull Terrier and All Breed dog shows, as well as matches for puppies and novices. The club's goals include helping newcomers to our breed and advancing knowledge about our breed to the general public. These and other club functions, such as luncheons and holiday parties, provide a wonderful opportunity for shared knowledge and camaraderie. We also support a critically important rescue program for lost and unloved Bull Terriers throughout Southern California.

Two fun matches for bull terriers of all ages are held by our club every year, one each in April and November. Those interested in competing in the show ring will find attending these matches an exceptionally worthwhile experience. Capable breeder/handlers teach grooming and ring tips. We also support other shows throughout the year and hold our specialty show in conjunction with the Great Western Terrier Association show each June. Whether showing or not, members come out for a great time together, especially on that Saturday! We have a fabulous raffle of Bull Terrier items, a complimentary brunch for exhibitors and club members, and a dinner after show completion - all conveniently on the show grounds. Money raised through the raffle goes into our rescue fund. Golden State has a long, active history of rescuing orphaned BTs and successfully placing them in loving homes.

A happy springtime event geared to both show and pet owners is the American Family Pet Expo. The Bullies are happily situated in our booth so they can be admired and petted by the spectators (which they love) while our members distribute breed and rescue information. This is a particularly rewarding day for everyone who participates.

The majority of our members are not active in showing or breeding. Bull Terriers are loving members of their families and the club helps these families keep in touch with the BT world through the club newsletter, The Cavalier Caller, which is published every two months. In addition to updating members on the club's activities, the newsletter occasionally offers informative articles on such topics as health or safety and humor. The club also helps members stay up to date on breed and canine related legislation being proposed.

Membership in our club is based on interest, merit and goodwill. Golden State has a solid ethics platform regarding care, breeding and exhibiting. If we can help you further with information about Bull Terriers and their wonderful clownish personalities, please contact one of our board members, or if you are interested in joining our club, you may click HERE for a PDF application.

Candy Aron, President